About Us

Antonio Jr.


Cycling for me is more than a physical activity. It has become a therapy where I have found myself. Where I can laugh, cry and drain all my frustrations. In the middle of all those feelings I have come to realize that cycling is much more than just a physical  activity, or a mean of transportation, it is a lifestyle. It is time to dream, make plans…  and that’s how 321 Cycling was born after many hours and miles on the saddle.
I started my cycling journey in a MTB but one day my father who is a triathlete  invited me for a road bike ride. He let me used his spare bike and well; it was love at the first stroke of the pedal. From that moment I started riding with him. Sometimes I would ride by myself but I always had the idea of joining a group. I searched online but didn’t find much information. 
Over time I realized that in the area where I live and at many other places that I visited were a lot of cyclists, groups, and some organized rides but very little information about them on digital platforms. Since my job is related to social media, I started thinking about the idea of doing something to create a community where cyclists can find the information they are looking for and join the group that better fits their needs and goals. So here we are now!
Welcome to my idea
Welcome to your your community
Welcome to 321 Cycling
Are you ready? we start at 3 2 1 GO…